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Financial Accounting Ch. 11 Journal Entries/Payroll Taxes

dr bonus accrual (p&l) / cr cash So I accrue revenue each month so they have a true accrual based P&L, not accrual per QBO's funky definition. I set them up as "Cash Basis" in the Company Settings. However, r unning a P&L on a cash basis isn't smart enough to exclude any transactions that aren't associated with cash received or spent. The cash basis p&l doesn't exclude JEs

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dr bonus accrual (p&l) / cr cash Dr Income Tax Expense (P/L) 560 Cr: Deferred Tax-Asset (SOFP) 560 Results: the SAME as the P&L method Carrying amount of the provision is zero because the provision has been paid i.e. no longer have an obligation Why are we reversing the deferred asset? We receive the tax benefit of paying less tax in the current year. No longer longer have a future benefit/future tax consequence

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dr bonus accrual (p&l) / cr cash Purchases a/c….1,000 [Dr] M/s ABC 1,000 [Cr] (Being accrual entry accounted for purchase of raw material) M/s XYZ will make an accrual entry in his books, accounting for the purchase on 1 January 2020 itself even though he has 30 days to make payment as the liability for payment has been incurred on 1 January itself.

Chapter 6: Accruals and prepayments

dr bonus accrual (p&l) / cr cash The year-end accrual is the $3,000 expense that has not been paid in cash. The double entry required is: Dr Electricity expense $3,000; Cr Accruals $3,000; Ledger accounts and accrued expenses. Method 1: know the accrual. Method 2: know the income statement charge. Test your understanding 1

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Accrued revenue is not recorded in cash basis accounting, since revenue is only recorded when cash is received from customers. Example of Accrued Revenue. ABC International has a consulting project with a large client, under which the consulting agreement clearly delineates two milestones, after each of which the client owes $50,000 to ABC.

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dr bonus accrual (p&l) / cr cash Under the cash method, income is only recorded if the money is actually received. Similarly, expenses are recorded only if cash really left the bank account. In contrast, the accrual method of accounting records income in the period it was earned, and expenses in the period in which they were incurred.

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DR Cash 860,653. CR Bond Payable 860,653 . The issuance of the bond is recorded in the bonds payable account. The 860,653 value means that this is a premium bond and the premium will be amortized over its life. On December 31, 2017: DR Interest Expense 83,869. DR Bond Payable 12,131 (60,653/5yrs)

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Dr Salaries payable (liability) .. $40,000 Cr Salaries (expense) .. $40,000 In this situation you would pass a journal entry to correct this, which is the exact opposite of the above: Dr Salaries (expense) .. $40,000

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Accrual accounting means revenue and expenses are recognized and recorded when they occur, while cash basis accounting means these line items aren't documented until cash exchanges hands.

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If I make a journal entry Dr. Prepaid Rent Cr. AP both my Cash & Accrual P&L is adjusted Prepaid rent is only an issue in Cash Basis but due to the nature of Cash Basis if the money is in hand for next month (or year, typically) and must be counted as income when received, not billed.

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We simply need to re-class the accrual to trade payables with the following entry: Dr (Electricity) Accrual £1,000; Cr Trade Payables £1,000; Now, if we look at the net effect on all of the accounts we can see that: £1,000 of electricity expenses were recognized in the correct period.

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dr bonus accrual (p&l) / cr cash Dr Prepayment (BS) Cr Expense (P&L) Income. Accrued Income - this arises when income is earned but is not yet recorded. An example of this would be if you are due to receive interest on an amount of cash held in a savings account.

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Pingyang Gao 27 Cash Change Equation #1 - Indirect Method A = L + SE Cash + CA+LA=CL+LL + SE Cash + CA+ LA = CL+ LL + SE Cash = SE - ( CA - CL) - LA + LL = CC+ (NI-Div) - WC + D&A - ( LA+ D&A) + LL =(NI + D&A - WC) - ( LA+ D&A) + ( CC+ LL-Div) = CFO + CFI + CFF

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